Nairobi Urban Adventures


Our Nairobi Urban Adventures team is made up of local Kenyans who have lived in and around Nairobi most of our lives. We have worked together for many years, averaging nine years each, and come with a vast amount of experience in the travel industry and a shared love for adventure.



Having travelled extensively   throughout the region, our knowledge of East Africa is second to none and we are eager to share this with you, our fellow travellers. Urban Adventures Nairobi offers an opportunity for us to showcase our region through our unique Nairbobi tours, and we are excited to be a part of this.


We are actively involved in Responsible Travel, Conservation and Environmental matters. We are members of The East African Wild Life Society and work together with Woodlands 2000 in a tree-planting initiative, among many other projects. It is our policy to contribute what we can to the long-term development of tourism in Africa as we look forward to taking you on a local experience through this beautiful region, now and well into the future!