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Exciting and noticeably cosmopolitan, Nairobi is the social hub of East Africa. Our one of a kind Nairobi tours offer the ideal way of getting out and experiencing the sights, smells and sounds of this vibrant city and its surrounds and uncovering the real character and people of Nairobi.

Nairobi is an experience like no other! On one hand you have café culture, buzzing nightlife, and modern African city life, whilst on the other it offers timeless tribal culture, wildlife reserves, and endless adventure activities.

Taking a guided tour of Nairobi with Urban Adventures is the perfect way of unraveling this dynamic city and its surrounds. Here at Nairobi Urban Adventures we want you to experience the true Nairobi that we know so well. From exploring its historical streets, to searching out wildlife... Nairobi is a truly unique destination to explore. Be sure to check out some of the exciting Nairobi tours we have on offer.

Nairobi Experience tour in Nairobi Nairobi Experience
from 1 review
From USD 40.00

Nairobi is a sprawling, perenially busy city that's hard to crack on your own. Join this Nairobi tour and benefit from a local guide who'll not only show you the sights but also lead you to the perfect lunch spot to try some local cuisine.


Parks, Giraffes & Karen Blixen tour in Nairobi Parks, Giraffes & Karen Blixen
from 2 reviews
From USD 184.00

Most cities have zoos, Nairobi however is a show off and has a national park right in the heart of town. See giraffes grazing with skyscrapers in the background, then discover Karen Blixen's world and feed giraffes by hand on this Nairobi tour that feels a world away from the city.


Hell's Gate tour in Nairobi Hell's Gate National Park
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From USD 167.00

With a name like Hell's Gate, it's no wonder this park is less-visited than others in Kenya. Take the chance to visit one of the few parks you can walk in on this Nairobi tour that also includes a visit to the Elsamere Conservation Centre where you'll be tempted to sing 'Born Free'.


Kachumbari – Kenyan Relish! Nairobi by Night
From USD 49.00

And you thought Nairobi was all giraffes and national parks! Trade wildlife for nightlife on this Nairobi evening tour that takes you round some of the hottest spots in Nairobi after dark. Because after a day of making friends with giraffes, you’ll want to hang out with the city’s other (more human) locals – over a beer and local nosh, no doubt!


Public Holidays
Place: Nairobi - [ 10/10/2015 ]

Festivals around National Holidays

In Kenya, National Public Holidays are important occasions for local residents who come from all corners and usually attend in large numbers. The principal reason for most of them is the entertainment which is both directed to the public and largely to the President and Political Leaders in attendance. Presentations of Traditional Dancers and acrobatics, Poetry and music, plays and skits, the armed forces, Police, Navy and air force, local choirs from schools and other government and non goverment institutions. The events are usually held at the Nairobi based Sports Stadiums or at the Uhuru Gardens near the CBD. Such public Holidays include

Moi Day - 10th October every year

Kenyatta Day - 20th October every year

Independence Day - 12th December every year

more events...

Kenya Alcohol Laws- Mutotho Laws

more stories...

Mr. David B.
28 Apr 2014
Didn't expect to be the only one on the trip, but Philip proved to be very knowledgeable, accommodating me well throughout. An interesting outing.
Mr. Edward S.
07 Mar 2014
To be honest,this trip should be taken b4 an actual Safari as it's rather tame in contrast---but still a very pleasant experience.Maybe add Elephant Orphanage as well while at Nairobi N.P.Our guide Harrison was very accommodating to our needs.
Ms. Monica V.
12 Nov 2011
It was more than I expected. I was able to see the big 5 and experience the Masai culture.
Ms. Stacey M.
06 Aug 2011
This was an excellent opportunity to see the city which I would not have felt safe enough to do myself. An experience with the locals could have been disastrous but turned into a highlight! Jimmy, the tour leader, was courteous and knowledgeable
Ms. Marilyn H.
New Zealand
19 Jun 2010
Jimmy was a great guide and I've already recommended him to other travellers. It was a great opportunity to get out and walk around without feeling threatened at all. Seeing the Masai market was a real highlight. Thanks.
Ms. Alexandra C.
04 Apr 2010
This was an excellent introduction to Nairobi - great experience using the public transport especially! My guide was knowledgeable and I felt relaxed and comfortable the whole time. I've never been on a tour that makes you feel like one of the locals instead of a 'tourist'.

Nairobi Urban Adventures

Our Nairobi Urban Adventures team is made up of local Kenyans who have lived in and around Nairobi most of our lives. We have worked together for many years, averaging nine years each, and come with a vast amount of experience in the travel industry and a shared love for adventure. Having travelled extensively throughout the region, our knowledge of East Africa is second to none and we are eager to share this with you, our fellow travellers.

Jerry(our tour guide) and Liz(Urban Adventures representative)

Jerry ( our tour guide ) and Liz ( Nairobi Urban Adventures representative )


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